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What gets in the way of remembering how great God's love is for us? Psalm 103 is an anthem - a reminder - a memory-shaping story to lead us into an experience of God's love, a post...

Who does our help come from, and why do we need it? Psalm 121 gives us an ancient reminder for the people of God to look to their LORD first when trouble surrounds them.

In the midst of life’s challenging circumstances, Acts 27 gives us a picture of living out a public faith in Christ to bless those around us.

When we are drawn into the Grand Story of God’s redemptive work we are both challenged and comforted by God’s restoration and rescue.

Pastor Jeff Nottingham visiting from our planting church Redeemer preaches out of Exodus 16 on God sustaining us regularly - providing and nourishing us - through the Bread of Life...

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